Our services include:

– Plasmid Vector construction
– Virus production and purification
– Quality control assays

UPV currently produces:

To choose the best delivery system, there are some considerations to take into account:


Previous Considerations

Size of expression cassette: < 10 Kb
Gene Expression: Less than 3 weeks
Induction of immune response: High
Recommended for experiments: In vitro/In vivo


Previous Considerations

Size of expression cassette: < 4,5 Kb
Gene Expression: Long term (several years in non-dividing cells)
Induction of immune response: Low
Recommended for experiments: In vivo

upv viral vector production unit barcelona

The UPV offers a variety of services to researchers, including:

– Generation, production and characterization of viral vectors
– Amplification, purification and characterization of already existing adenoviral stocks
– Assistance in the selection and design of vectors
– Quality control assays

– Generation of vectors carrying shRNAs and microRNAs cassettes
– Aliquots of reporter genes (GFP, RFP, Cre, Bgal, Null) for preliminary experiments