Vector Production Unit confidentiality policy

All researcher plasmids, sequences, and viruses are kept private and confidential. This is always our number one priority. In all instances, vectors will never be publically listed or made available to anyone else without specifically written, direct permission to do so which may likely involve a Material Transfer Agreement.

Vector Production Unit quality policy

The Director of the Viral Vector Production Unit (UPV) is committed to the development and implementation of a Quality Management System based on the ISO 9001: 2015 standard at the UPV, as well as the continuous improvement of its efficacy, approving and communicating this Quality Policy, and in coherence with the policy established for the “Laboratoris de Prestació de Serveis” of the UAB.


The basic objectives of the UPV are included in the definition of the Mission, the Vision and the values of the group:


Mission: Cloning, production, purification and characterization of gene transfer vectors adeno and adeno-associated viruses (AAV).


Vision: To be a national reference for gene therapy with viral vectors through excellence in the execution of projects and the commitment to provide a service of the highest quality and care



Experience in R+D+i
Flexibility and customization of the service
Proximity to customer

The Director of the UPV establishes this policy to convey both the importance of complying with the legal and regulatory requirements of the customers, to obtain their maximum satisfaction, as well as to offer a framework to establish and review the quality objectives. To achieve this, the Director has established the following strategic research lines from which the quality objectives of the UPV are deployed:


Strategic Research Lines:

L1- To promote improvement activities as well as maintenance of the quality management system, promoting the quality of services to our customers and ensuring ethics, independence, confidentiality and spirit of service.

L2- To encourage training, information and awareness of staff, promoting their motivation and participation in the achievement of the objectives of the UPV.

L3- To direct the development and improvement of new ideas, techniques and vectors to match the customer needs.

L4- To promote optimization of the available resources.

This policy is disseminated to ensure that it is known and understood by all staff, and is reviewed annually to ensure its continued adequacy.


Miguel Chillón

Director of the UPV

Approval date: 09/03/2022

UPV Quality Policy